Property Maintenance

What are the different types of maintenance?

Now that you understand what property maintenance is, what property managers are responsible for, and what to do to improve the maintenance process, it’s time to learn the different types of property maintenance.

  1. Reactive Maintenance: Reactive maintenance, also known as corrective maintenance, is carried out following the detection of an issue or a work order being submitted. Put simply, maintenance is done when something is broken.
  2. Preventative Maintenance: Maintenance is carried out at specific times to reduce the risk of equipment failure. Meaning, maintenance is done before something breaks to help improve the lifetime of your assets.
  3. Risk-Based Maintenance: Risk-based maintenance is a principle that states maintenance resources should go towards the assets that would have the most risk associated if they fail. For example, HVAC system issues have the biggest impact on resident satisfaction, so ensuring they are in a good condition should be a top priority of your maintenance team.
  4. Condition-Based Maintenance: Maintenance is only done when certain indicators show signs of an upcoming equipment failure of decreasing performance. For example, this could mean monitoring pressure readings on a water system so staff can identify a leak.